Destroying Household Witchcraft Manipulating your Destiny

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Witchcraft is real to those who have witnessed the devastating effects of it. I have been a victim of household witchcraft manipulation and I must confess, it’s not a pleasurable experience. Jesus declared, “A MAN’S FOES SHALL BE THEY OF HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD” Matthew 10:36 Family witchcraft force is one of the strongest battles to defeat because it has to do with bloodline. Many believers are suffering due to household witchcraft manipulating their lives against the will of God. As believers in Christ Jesus, we must become violent in spiritual warfare in order to destroy this evil manipulations going on in our lives. This Uncommon Book is a prophetic warfare prayer manual that has the capacity to set you free from household witchcraft bondage by the power and grace of God.

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Destroying Household Witchcraft Manipulating your Destiny

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