This is an advance prophetic warfare book for solving the problem of miscarriages and barrenness spiritually and herbal wise.


We are in the end time. The activities of the kingdom of darkness have increased against the body of Christ. Believers are now at the mercy of the agents of darkness. The forces of miscarriages and barrenness have destroyed many once lovely harmonious homes. Couples now divorce because of these issues not knowing they have to confront the powers behind these problems in their lives.

The sorrows and pains many are going through in life as a result of miscarriages and barrenness are of great concerns to God. These problems are heartbreaking. In this Uncommon Book of 105 pages, I will be revealing how easy it is to get pregnant and how to stop miscarriages medically, traditionally and spiritually. It’s going to be a real eye opener as you will now get to discover that it is very easy to get pregnant and also overcome miscarriages.

God is still in the business of doing great wonders today. Many have received their freedom from these problems and are now dancing with their babies. The Word of God is very clear in Numbers 23:26 that none shall be barren in the land or even miscarry. You will need to believe His Word and how to activate The Word in your life through what I call MEM (Miracle Expectation Meditation). This is a powerful secret many believers are not using today.

When you combine the secrets in this book with dangerous prophetic warfare prayers the next thing is to expect your miracle babies. Testimonies in this book will really change your mentality can guarantee you to get your baby in less than a year if you use the information in this book well and you allow the Holy Ghost to operate. Do let me know when you have your pregnancy and baby so that I can celebrate with you.

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