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Have you been in bondage to witchcraft, marine, ancestral and occult forces? Then it’s time to experience total freedom today through the amazing information in this book.


DESTROYING WITCHCRAFT, MARINE, ANCESTRAL AND OCCULT POWERS is a prophetic prayer manual book for destroying the attacks and manipulations from these forces. These are the major powers mortgaging the destinies of men especially believers in Christ who are so naive and ignorant about what transpires in the spirit realm.

As an intercessor I have come in contact with these silly powers many times and I can confidently tell you that they are defeat-able with the power and authority of Christ. Though many have found it more than difficult to overcome these forces but when are well spiritually positioned in Christ overcoming them becomes a piece of cake.

Witches and wizards are the least in the devil’s kingdom but unfortunately they are the ones destroying Christians the most. The marine forces are the ones who have mortgaged the lives of people in financial hardship and immoral living. Many people are unable to marry and those who marry can keep theirs. No thanks to this marine kingdom. Ancestral are the most difficult to conquer and can only be defeated by committed believers in Christ.

With this book you are set to recover all you might have lost to these forces by the help of The Holy Spirit and by the grace of God. This is an advanced prophetic book that will help you overcome these forces.


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