HOW TO GET A DIVINE LIFE PARTNER (It’s Ebook not Hardcover)

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Tired of searching for a divine partner? This book will guide you on the best way you can do it.


This book deals with the spiritual aspect of how to get God’s best for your life in marriage. It explores all the spiritual dangers and consequences of making wrong choices in marriage. It reveals God’ perfect plan for your marriage and also the devil’s strategies for leading people astray in marriage.

This 92 page book is a master piece in its own class and completely different from what you might read anywhere before. It will open your eyes to the spiritual activities going on the satanic realm of how they’ve planned to lead believers astray in area of choosing a life partner.

When you truly go through the content of this book struggling to get a life partner will become a piece of cake and you will be in a better position to help others get theirs as well.


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