HOW TO OVERCOME BAD DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES with 21 SIMPLE PROPHETIC SOLUTIONS                                                              INTRODUCTION PART 1

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“14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.

15 In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.” Job 33:14-15

As God communicates His intentions via dreams to humans the same way the devil does the same with the intention to harm and destroy destinies. So many people including believers in Christ Jesus take dreams for granted both the good and especially the bad ones. This spiritual ignorance and carelessness have cost many their destinies and sometime their lives on earth. The devil doesn’t play fair with anyone same thing with his agents. For this reason The Bible gave us a shocking painful revelation.

“Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.” Isaiah 5:13

The ignorance about the importance of dreams in the affairs of human beings is alarming. Dream is the easiest way for the supernatural to communicate with the natural. The Bible is filled with examples of people who had dreams and those dreams came to pass with time or were objected and cancelled.

Believers don’t know most problems they have in their lives were introduced through the dream world. A woman once had a dream that someone fought with her and used a big stick to hit her on her neck. On waking up she started having serious pains on that neck. Really strange you might say but not to those who have an understanding about dreams.

A man of God once shared with us how he had suffered for many years as a Minister and nothing good happened in his life even though he was praying and conducting deliverance for others and they were experiencing great miracles but his life experienced nothing much.

He became fed up and decided to go into three days serious fasting and prayers the way he had never done before. On the third day in a dream, he met himself in the forest and was shocked to see his uncle among a group of people sitting down in a meeting. He shouted,

“Uncle what are you doing here?”

He said he was surprised when he shouted, the tongue of a snake came out of his mouth. As he touched his head, it was the head of a snake. He then shouted,

“Where is my head?”

He was shocked when the uncle replied,

“Since he now knows that is not his head, let us give him his own head”

He said he was shocked when someone brought his head from a hut and another person pulled off the snake’s head from him. His head was fixed on his neck. He woke up suddenly and felt the pains on his neck physically. This was how his life changed.

A young Muslim man had a dream where he was given a parcel of gift and suddenly a gorilla came from no-where and took the parcel of gift from him and ran away. This was in 1982. Right from that day, his life nose-dived. He lost his job and things turned upside down for him.

For twenty years he suffered and there was no solution in sight. Then in 2002, he was walking pass a church and decided to enter the place to go see the prophet of God there. He narrated his ordeal to the man of God. He was placed on ten days fasting and prayers which he willingly did.

On the tenth day, he had a dream and saw some old women who warned him never to ask for what was taken away from him. He was told his mother was one of them but she never gave them what they demanded from her before she died so they decided to take away the parcel from his life as a replacement. He woke up, told the man of God and he was placed on additional three days prayers and fasting again.

On the third day making thirteen days now, he had a dream and met himself in the forest and right before him were the old women who warned him never to ask for what they took from him. The women challenged him. They told him,

“But we warned you seriously never to demand for this thing again, what are you doing here?”

He looked at them and shouted,

“In the name of Jesus, give me my parcel.”

He was surprised when the gorilla he saw twenty years ago, came out of the hut, looked at him and went back into the hut. He then came out with his parcel and gave it to him. He woke up and that was how his life changed.

That same month, he got a powerful job. He was placed on a salary scale of #200,000. He was given a duplex to stay and an official car. His life and that of his wife and kids changed.

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